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The 1st  Central Africa Workshop on

Waste-to-energy and Biogas 



The First Central Africa Workshop on Waste-to-energy and Biogas @ SECAM 2019 will bring together end-users such as Communities Leaders, Food Industries, Farms, academics, government policy makers and technology and service providers.

Scientific Foundations – Waste Management -Technologies - Markets Policies - Financing
On the 25th of October 2019, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Travaux Publics (ENSTP), Yaounde, Cameroon
This is an exciting time for anaerobic digestion (AD) in Africa - the industry has significant potential for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management solution for African municipalities. It also plays a critical part in meeting nine (9) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing solutions applicable to agriculture, urbanisation, waste and water management, affordable energy generation, and transport ...
Whether you are looking for the right kind of waste management schemes or technologies and know-how to build your plant, or looking for investors for your project, or simply here to learn more about the biogas value chain and what it can do for your municipality and community, the First Central Africa Waste to Emergy and Biogas is definitely a place you want to be.


If you are not yet registered for SECAM 2019, please do it first here.

Note: After the registration is completed, an additional contribution of $15 is requested to pay for workshop materials and support our organization's programming.  

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