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Mayor Delegate

From inspiration to action: Multi-stakeholder engagement for SDGs implementation in African Municipalities.


It is beneficial to include all actors committed to the achievement of the SDGs, like educational institutions, the private sector and international stakeholders, and link them to the local projects that will drive local sustainable and inclusive development in the territory.


As a mayor delegate at the SECAM 2019 – Conference you can get inspire on how to localise and align the municipal projects with one or more targets of the different Sustainable Development Goals.



















As a SECAM 2019 conference delegate, you can get access to cutting edge content from more than 60 internationally recognised experts, from civil society, academia, the private sector, and industry leaders on science, technology and innovation.


In addition, you can participate at the waste to energy and biogas workshop and one training on Building Information Modelling (BIM).


As a conference delegate you benefit from the free B2B Matchmaking service at SECAM 2019 to discuss your project with appropriate collaborators or to create new contacts with VIPs in Africa.



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